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  • Perfect reading glasses,watch TV, games or driving glasses, a pair of lightweight and durable adjustable glasses to transition anywhere, anytime; make full use of these variable power optics, these optics focus on vision and can be adjusted according to 20/20 vision, So that you can view and read the crystal clear.
  • Each lens has a diopter range of -6.0 to +3.0, giving you fine control over the magnification. With this, you don't have to buy multiple prescription lenses! These glasses are perfect for most vision needs.
  • Our eyeglasses work for both nearsighted and farsighted users, but not for people with astigmatism. They correct over 90% of spherical errors. Get the best value for your money!
  • Unisex fashion frames + square lenses - versatile partial rim style - cute or distinguished on men women boys + girls - all face shapes - no need for bifocals - adjustable nosepiece
  • Great for home,office,or bedside use.Keep a pair at your desk,in your bag, and in your favorite reading spots