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Look Carefree for Summer



By Amour Inspiré

April 30, 2020


   1. Don't just look part, be the part. Be more laid back and carefree, deal with anything that's stressing you out at the moment so that won't bother you any more. Just focus on enjoying your summer! Then work the look around how you're feeling and it'll come more naturally.



   2. From now on, when you go shopping for clothes, choose your garments carefully, so you'll have a wardrobe of items that will work together. Always make sure you have the basics (such as jeans and T-shirts), but keep it causal. Items like flowing tank tops, boho dresses (especially maxi), flowing skirts, lightweight sweaters can spice up your carefree style and add some diversity.



   3. Spend a minimal amount of time on your hair, if you try too hard, it shows.Girls:Go for natural looking beach waves, messy buns or tousled plaits/braids. To make a hairstyle look prettier while still remaining effortless, add a hair accessory, invest in some flowers, hippie-style hairbands, or jeweled headbands. Boys: The "just out of bed" look has always been hot, so invest in some wax and ruffle your hair up a bit. In the summer, it's better to have your hair a little longer than you'd normally have it.



   4. Accessorize with bracelets. A popular trend with both girls and fellas in the summer is braided bracelets which are never taken off. Don't worry about them getting tatty, they still look good that way. Guys should go for neutral colours like brown, beige, black and grey, whereas girls can be more creative and get colorful ones, with things such as beads on them. Permanent shell necklaces can also add carefree flair.


   5. Get a hobby which gets you outside. The more time you spend outside doing things, the more energetic you'll be, the more you'll enjoy your summer, and the better your tan will be. Try skateboarding, rollerblading, tennis, swimming... your options are endless. Make sure that you try a few things out, and go with what you enjoy, not what other people do. Others will like you more if you show independence rather than copying what other people do.


   6. Denim Shorts: denim shorts are one of the hottest summer trends every year. To make them a bit cooler, go for cut off styles. These are really easy to make yourself from a pair of old jeans if you cut the legs off and pull on the threads to create a raw edge. If you have short but slim legs then go for tight fitting ones which follow the curve of your leg, if your legs are a bit wider then choose looser fitting shorts which open up slightly at the thigh. Tall, slim girls can look good in most styles of shorts. A particularly popular trend with shorts this year is the high-waisted type, and these often go well with a mid-rift length top. Denim skirts are also an option.

   7. Maxi dresses: They are a massive trend this year, and you can see why. They mix together summery hippy styles with beautiful femininity, but all with minimum effort. If you have a large frame then choose one that pinches in at the waist, or one that could be pinched in with a belt to avoid looking like a tent. Wearing a V neckline will make someone look slimmer, a round neckline will hold bigger breasts more easily. Experiment with different prints, and find something that looks gorgeous on you.



   8. Denim Jackets: It's too hot for a coat, but a little too cool to go without? Reach for a denim jacket. Fairly affordable, timeless and go with any outfit. Denim in general makes an outfit look relaxed and casual, so why only wear it on jeans? Wearing it as a jacket makes it a bit more interesting. A light shade of denim is more suited for summer. Try wearing one over a maxi dress or a floral top. As a lighter alternative to a denim jacket, look for a denim-style shirt and try wearing that, unbuttoned, over an outfit. Denim shirts look best a size too big. It's usually best to only wear one item of denim clothing at a time, so don't wear a denim top and jeans at the same time.


   9. Floral prints: They're girly, summery, feminine and trendy, so what's not to love?! Floral prints are everywhere in summer, on shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, baggy tops and bags. If you're not a very girly girl then go for floral accessories such as earrings, bags and shoes rather than a floral clothing to keep it minimal. Try not to wear too many flower prints at one time, otherwise you'll look like an accident in a florist. This fits in with the previous trends mentioned, try a floral print maxi dress, or a short tie up flowery top and denim shorts.



   10. Introducing the "LWD" For parties, ditch the little black dress, and bring in the little white dress instead. Less sultry, but more feminine, girly, relaxed and summery. It can be glammed up with metallics and a pair of heels for a party or night out, or dressed down a bit with a jacket and some flat pumps or little boots to make you look effortlessly gorgeous for a date. While white can leave you looking washed out in the winter months, in the summer it will sit nicely against your tan making you look more golden.



   11. Short tops: Whether it's checkered shirts tied up, baggy short tops, off the shoulder with a slogan or a tight belly-top, there are loads of different types of short tops to wear this summer. They go well with either shorts or jeans. They are good for people who have a good figure that they want to flaunt without looking too trashy. However be warned that tops that show too much tummy can look a bit tacky, so choose ones that only show a couple of inches, or only one side, or wear with high-waisted shorts or trousers. If you have a top that you like the pattern of, but not the shape, there are lots of ways you can alter it to your liking if you have a pair of scissors, just search for it on the internet to find out how to do it and get all those old t-shirts up to date with the trends.


   12. Playsuits: They're different from what people normally wear, and most wimp out of trying them. However this is what makes them interesting. They can look casual and carefree, but in-fashion at the same time, just shop around for the right type to suit you. If you find a style which flatters your shape then it's another great opportunity to show off the good bits of your figure without looking like you've tried too hard. Many floral ones are in the shops so you'll be hitting two trends with one stone. If you're not sure what you're going to be doing one day, stick on an outfit that you wouldn't mind getting dirty, and you can easily take it from casual to formal by sticking on a pair of heels and a nice bag.



   13. Mini bags: They don't get in the way but you can fit your money, phone and eyeliner in there so they are perfect for summer. Look for slouchy, leather styles for really casual days. On days when you want to make more effort go for a more structured, colored bag. Have ones with long straps that you can just sling over your shoulder.


   14. Baggy tops: They look casual but flattering. Try wearing a big t-shirt over a pretty bikini with denim shorts. Or, you could wear a baggy vest top over a tight vest top. The clothes are unlikely to be sold as baggy clothes, just go and buy them a few sizes larger than you actually are. They'll be much more comfortable in the heat than a tight top, and you'll look gorgeous, but as if you didn't even try,

  • The above are just a few ideas for outfits, but there are many other things that you can wear in summer to make yourself look like a carefree girl. Just go for a look around the shops, and try to make sure that the things you end up with in your wardrobe are going to go well together so that you can mix and match things. Don't forget to make the most of your old, forgotten clothes. You could either re-shape them or belt them or something.


   15. Make-up: Go for the natural look when it comes to make up. Choose tinted moisturizer rather than foundation. It won't melt and run down your face when it's hot, and will let your natural prettiness shine through while still evening out your skin tone. A bit of lengthening mascara will help to widen your eyes while a line of eyeliner on your upper lid only will add a bit of drama without looking like you're wearing lots of make up. Keep your lips natural with a slick of lip balm and perhaps a neutral lip stain.




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